Noblesville cougar sighting just a domestic cat, says DNR

(Photo: Cole Ranker/Facebook)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) – Indiana Department of Natural Resources says a video going around on social media shows a well-fed domestic cat, not a possible cougar.

Facebook user Cole Ranker posted the video on social media which shows an animal, and what appears to be a large cat, walking in a grassy area.

Ranker says the video shows the animal from about 250 yards away.

The sighting happened Saturday morning in Noblesville.

Eyewitness News had reached out to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for comment and heard back Monday morning.

The DNR had multiple people look at the video and says they found the animal to be too short, the tail too short and no black markings on the tail to identify it as a cougar.

Instead, DNR says it appears to be just a well-fed domestic cat.

Cole Ranker says trail cams have been put up in the area to try and help identify exactly what it was.