No dance experience needed: Having fun while burning calories at the IMAC

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Dance Church
Bollywood and Belly Dancing

Follow along with some early morning exercise! Watch Sunrise as Carlos and dance professionals demonstrate a variety of classes you can take at the Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Looking for new ways to burn calories as Autumn approaches? Tired of going to spin class three times a week? Wishing you could own the dance floor during wedding season?

Maybe you need to visit the Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective. That’s what our Carlos Diaz is doing Tuesday morning on Sunrise.

The Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective teaches several different types of dance that are sure to get your heart racing.

There’s Bollywood — a lively and fun fusion dance-style based on traditional Indian dance, fused with modern styles. It's very lively and fun. The class is accessible to all levels, and students are at mixed levels of experience.

They also offer Belly Dancing. Yes, Belly Dancing. Actually, there are two levels offered: an introductory class for people who have never done it before and a mixed level for people who know the basics and want to keep learning, moving, and dancing more.

Capoeira has been described as “Brazilian martial arts.” It is a fusion of dance and martial arts that involves no physical contact but does require you to interactively “spar” with a dance partner.

The classics, like Tap Dancing, are also available. And like Belly Dancing classes, there are two levels depending on your tap dancing abilities.

From the old school to the newest fad, Dance Church is a West Coast-inspired dance fitness class that feels like a wild dance party. It's open to anyone, just as long as you’re not afraid to let loose!

See all of these dance techniques “demonstrated” by Carlos (with the help of trained professionals) Tuesday morning on WTHR Sunrise.

Click here for more information on the Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective.

Here's a look at the classes scheduled through Sunday, Sept. 18:

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