Nextdoor says their 'Kindness Reminder' initiative is reducing online bullying

Nextdoor is encouraging users to be kind to neighbors. IPhoto: Nextdoor)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Online neighborhood chatter pages and Apps like Nextdoor can be great tools to connect with your neighbors.

But often, it can lead to gossip and online bullying.

Nextdoor is working to change that with a kindness reminder. You might see it the next time you go to write a reply to a post.

It'll pop up if you start to write something offensive or hurtful like calling someone an idiot.

Nextdoor will use data gathered from previously-flagged comments to help identify new ones.

They've tested the pop-up in the past. Nextdoor says 20 percent of the time, the person decided against posting the negative comment.

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