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VERIFY: Does Indiana have a time limit on how long voters have to cast a ballot?

There is a bona fide law, but it doesn't appear to be enforced.

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — One of the first Election day questions 13News received had to do with time limits on in-person voting.

That's right — a notice telling voters they had two minutes to get it done.

It comes from Hamilton County where more than 32,000 cast ballots before noon.

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There is a sign referencing a statute that's posted inside of voting booths, and it is raising concern.

It's IC 3-11-13-32.5. It reads, in part: 

"At a general, municipal, or special election, a voter may not remain in the voting booth or compartment longer than two (2) minutes."

"If a voter refuses to leave a voting booth or compartment after the lapse of the time provided...the precinct election board, or the election sheriff or sheriffs upon the order of the board, shall immediately remove the voter from the booth or compartment."

Credit: WTHR
A sign at a Hamilton County polling place informs voters about an Indiana law that says voters have two minutes inside a voting booth to cast their ballot.

The voters who reached out questioned whether this is intimidation or a bona fide Indiana law. 

We can verify the Occupation of Voting booths; Time limits and Removal is, in fact, Indiana law. It was last updated in 2019.

We spoke directly with Hamilton County Clerk, Kathy Williams, who told us the statutes are posted to encourage voters to keep the process moving.

But Clerk Williams said no one has been instructed to time voters and accommodations are made for those with disabilities. It simply gives election officials a tool if there is a problem.

Marion County election officials also said they were not enforcing the statute at all. So while the law does exist, there is probably no need to worry while casting a ballot, as it doesn't appear to be enforced.

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