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VERIFY: No, the coronavirus vaccines will not alter your DNA

The COVID-19 vaccines represent the newest in vaccine technology. It has led to some bizarre and false claims.

WASHINGTON — As the first coronavirus vaccine gets closer to approval, many people still have concerns.

There are all sorts of claims circulating online about the side effects of the vaccines, including one that reports the vaccines will change your DNA.

The coronavirus vaccines represent some of the newest in vaccine technology. Understandably, that can bring skepticism and lead to erroneous claims.

Our Verify team received this tweet:

Credit: WUSA

It says: “For those of you who think the vaccine will return life to normal. It won’t. The only thing it will change is your DNA.”


Do the coronavirus vaccines change your DNA?


No, none of the vaccines will alter you DNA.

Our Source:

Dr. William Moss, an expert in vaccines from Johns Hopkins university

What We Found:

Dr. Moss said this claim is simply not true.

“I think the real important message here is that there's no there's no manipulation of DNA,” he said. “The vaccine doesn't get into our DNA, it doesn't alter our DNA.”

According to Dr. Moss all the vaccines do one thing: they promote an immune response to the COVID-19.

No matter what type, they are all designed to send a genetic code to the body. That genetic code triggers an immune reaction to fight COVID19. But at no point does that code change your cells.

“So, I think that's a really important message,” Dr. Moss reiterated. “There's no alteration of DNA with any of these vaccines of our own DNA.”

So no, the vaccines will not change your DNA.

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