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Yes, you can now legally swear in Virginia

We know you all do it anyway, but this time you won't be fined if you are caught in public.
Signs in Virginia Beach show "No Swearing" to maintain the family-friendly nature of the city.(Virginia Beach)

WASHINGTON (WUSA) — Virginia is for lovers — and now, legal cussers! While throwing around some choice words is nothing new, those who drop a swear in a public in Virginia no longer have to worry.

Wait, what? I had to worry before?

Yep. Technically, swearing in the Commonwealth was punishable by law, a class four misdemeanor.

Back in January, the Virginia House of Delegates attempted to change all that. They voted 76-24 to repeal that provision, which also slapped you with a $250 fine if caught.

On Wednesday, the Senate followed suit, voting 37-7 to pass HB1071 which would remove the crime of profane swearing in public altogether.

But keeping people from swearing isn't necessarily a new effort for the DMV.

George Washington declared an order against profanity in 1776 as a way to keep soldiers from performing, "a vice so mean and low without any temptation that every man of sense and character detests and despises it."

Arlington County also has its own code that its own code to prevent profanity, slapping violators with a $250 fine if caught.

Because both the House and the Senate have signed on, the bill just needs a signature from Gov. Ralph Northam to continue.

"It's past time we swore off the antiquated policies of the past," a statement from Gov.Northam's office read.