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Watch this athlete in a wheelchair easily scale a climbing wall

In a video inspiring people across the internet, a Canadian athlete with cerebral palsy scales a climbing wall while strapped into his wheelchair.
(Photo: Woody Belfort via TEGNA)

MONTREAL, QC — "No matter how tall a wall is, never stop climbing."

That's the message Canadian athlete Woody Belfort hopes to spread by literally climbing walls.

The 23-year-old from Montreal was born with cerebral palsy, which makes it difficult for him to walk. But rock climbing is another story.

In a video posted online, Belfort scales an indoor climbing wall while strapped in his wheelchair with ease.

Belfort's natural athleticism began long before he started rock climbing. He has been active ever since he was a baby.

"I always wanted to be moving even with a wheelchair," Belfort said.

As soon as he was old enough to maneuver his wheelchair, he began playing basketball, which he calls his "first love." It remains one of his favorite sports today.

Currently, Belfort is training with the hopes of earning a spot on Canada's wheelchair basketball Paralympic team.

But Belfort doesn't limited himself to just one sport.

"I try to do everything," he said.

He's rotated through fitness regiments like CrossFit, yoga and calisthenics.

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Belfort posts photos and videos of his workouts and fitness accomplishments on social media in hopes of inspiring others.

"I hope that youth realize the only limit they have is within themselves," he said.

He wrote in his rock climbing post:

Rock Climbing November, I also call it my RCN, has been pretty tough; many falls, few scrapes and some telling me to reconsider my end goal. but.. All it took was one successful climb.
All it took was faith in myself
All it took was to persevere
All it took was for me to never stop climbing.
No matter how tall a wall is, never stop climbing
No matter how much it hurts, never stop climbing.
No matter what, never stop climbing