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Viral subway 'Shallow' singer gives stunning 'Ellen' performance

British singer Charlotte Awbery gave a stunning rendition of the Lady Gaga song after a serendipitous video of her singing it on the London underground went viral.
Charlotte Awbery awes the internet after singing "Shallow" in a subway in England. (TODAY video)

INDIANAPOLIS (TEGNA) — Ellen had British singer Charlotte Awbery perform on the show. A video of her recently went viral when she was nabbed singing "Shallow" in London while entering a Tube station to go see a friend, she said.

Wednesday Awbery gave the stunning rendition of the hit Lady Gaga song and seemed shocked to be speaking with Ellen on the show after the internet surprised us all, as it sometimes does. Ellen said on the show, "60 million people have viewed your video."

Awbery replied in shock, "60? I didn't know that." Ellen replied, "because of your video the song 'Shallow' reentered the top 40 on iTunes, you've gone from 4,000 to 400,000 followers on Instagram, and one of them is Ariana Grande."

Awbery said, "I followed her back."

It all began as internet host Kevin Freshwater was chasing down people on London's subway system with his microphone for this show "Finish the Lyric." As Awbery sang viewers could hear Freshwater expressing disbelief as the serendipitous encounter seemed to have hit the jackpot. Awbery nailed the rest of the song that Freshwater started.

The British singer told Ellen Wednesday that the video was not staged and that she was in fact just going on the train to meet a friend.