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Video of dentist wowing kid with magic tricks goes viral

Every dentist should take a lesson.

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. (WTHR) — We'd all love the dentist if ours were like this.

Dr. Eyal Simchi is a pediatric dentist at Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry in northwestern New Jersey. His office specifically treats patients with special needs.

As videos on the office's Facebook page show, Dr. Simchi goes above and beyond when it comes to making his patients feel comfortable.

Sometimes he sings with his patients. Other times he lets them act as "assistants" with other patients before their own appointments.

But one video in particular has people praising him on social media because it's just that adorable.

The video shows Simchi doing magic tricks with a patient, and his reactions are pure joy. He pretends to pull little balls of light from the patients chin, placing them in his hands, and playing catch.

The little boy is in total awe — and let's face it, so are we — at the tricks.

The video has been viewed more than 10 million times on Facebook.

Of course, people are loving how great Simchi is with kids, and are asking if he's taking new patients.

"Unfortunately we only treat kids and patients with special needs," he told one commenter. "My assistant keeps a list of the adults who are trying to sneak in."

On Twitter, people were just as amazed as the child at the tricks.