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Vacationers can stay in a potato hotel in Idaho

Are you looking for a unique place to stay?

BOISE, IDAHO (WTHR) — Are you looking for a unique place to stay?

A 12,000-pound spud made out of steel and concrete in Idaho may be that place.

A replica russet that was built to mark the Idaho Potato Commission's 75th anniversary has been converted into a hotel in Boise.

The tater won't hold many tots, according to NBC News. The hotel fits just one queen-sized bed.

The potato hotel has one bedroom, a living area and some shelving.

The bathroom is separate from the room. It is outside in a converted silo.

The Potato Commission toured the giant spud around the country for several years before replacing it in 2018 with a newer model.

The hotel will be open in late May and is available to book on AirBNB for $200 a night.