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Texas farmer busts teens "mudding" in his field and puts them to work

Clint Rutledge thought putting a group of teens to work to fix the damage their vehicle caused would serve as more of a lesson than a fine from police.

MCKINNEY, Texas (KXAS) - A Texas farmer caught a group of teens "mudding" and instead of calling police, he put them to work.

According to KXAS-TV in Dallas, the teenagers were driving through Clint Rutledge's farm in north Texas, spinning their wheels in the muddy soil. While that may seem like fun for those in the vehicle, it can cause major damage to farmland.

Rutledge says it happens all the time in his fields after a heavy rain, but this time, he caught the thrillseekers in the act. But instead of picking up the phone to call the cops, he grabbed some rakes and shovels instead.

"I said why don't we teach them a lesson?" he said.

He posted video to Facebook of the teens filling in the ruts they made, working for about an hour and a half with Rutledge's tools and their bare hands. The farmer hoped the self-imposed sentence of hard labor would teach the teenagers more of a lesson than a fine from a police officer.

"Some of these kids these days don't know what hard work and what us farmers go through," he said. "So they got a little dose of that on Saturday."

Rutledge said it would take years for the farmland damaged by the teens' tires to return to normal.