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Same-sex couple disappointed day care denied admission to their daughter

The couple said the day care can hold their beliefs but hopes for more transparency about the policies.

(KCEN) - A Waco, Texas couple said their daughter was denied admission to a local day care because they are in a same-sex relationship.

Brittney Ready and her wife, Stacey, have been married for two years and have four kids.

Their youngest daughter, Callie, was on the waiting list at Parkview Christian Academy, until they got a call Thursday, saying the day care had an opening

Brittney wrote on Facebook that the director was sweet and welcoming, but ultimately told the couple that the day care could not welcome their daughter, citing their Christian-based faith.

Brittney said the day care can hold those beliefs, but she hopes it will be more transparent about its policies.

According to NBC affiliate KCEN, the school's pastor could not be reached for comment.

Parkview Christian Academy's website does list its enrollment procedure, stating:

"Enrollment shall be granted without discrimination in regard to sex, race, color, disability, or national origin. If this policy changes at any time, parents will be notified through a letter from the Administration staff as soon as possible."

The policy makes no mention of discrimination based on sexual orientation; however, it says a child may be dismissed if school officials feel the program is not in the child's best interest for any reason.

Since the family's story began circulating online, Callie has received several acceptance offers from other day cares.

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