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Police warn of social media challenge daring kids to disappear for days

Police are trying to stay ahead of the latest social media trend

(WTHR) — Teens are notorious for trying out various "challenges" that may seem silly and fun, but are actually quite dangerous. There's snorting condoms, lighting your alcohol-soaked skin on fire, and spraying aerosol deodorant on your skin for as long as possible.

But most recently, police are warning of the newest dare — trying to disappear for for 48 hours. Not only does the challenge understandably scare family, but it's a huge waste of police resources.

A Missouri police officer told KYTV missing children or teens get top priority when a report is filed.

"It ranks right up there with assaults and domestic violence," Lt. Roger Barron said. "Everybody that can go, we send."

When taking part in the challenge, teens reportedly pretend to disappear and try to remain untraced to family for two days.

"It is a scary thing to know that your kid is missing," one parent told KYTV. "And it is harder to know that they could be joking."

Barron said depending on the case, a fake disappearance could mean criminal charges.

It's a good idea for parents to try to stay ahead of what the latest trends are among kids and teens.

Police also recommend being active with your kids and knowing who their friends are to remain active in their lives. Simultaneously, police try to stay on top of the latest social media trends to warn parents of potential risks.