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Police department puts humorous twist on Halloween safety tips

Police in Alabama put a humorous twist on the usual Trick-or-Treat safety tips.

MADISON, Ala. (WZDX) - Halloween is coming and with it all of the usual warnings about safety and security.

This year, police in Madison, Alabama want to make sure you’re paying attention. They’ve gone above and beyond to make their survival tips memorable.

Among their offerings:


  • If you are handing out cavity starter packs, be sure the candy is wrapped and sealed. Homemade treats are great, but will often end up in the trash after parental inspections.
  • Your pets don’t think visitors wearing evil clown masks are cute. They might consider them chew toys which won’t bode well for anyone. Keep pets under control while handing out treats.
  • If you are driving through residential areas, be aware that little monsters and goblins are hyped up on sugar and may not be paying attention to cars or traffic.
  • Do not drop your children off in a strange neighborhood to trick or treat alone just because it looks like a safe place to get some highfalutin candy. Remember, even Jeffrey Dahmer lived in a nice neighborhood.


  • If you receive homemade treats, ask your parents before eating them. Not everyone washes their hands.
  • Carry a flashlight or wear reflective clothing. Ghosts are only cool if you can see them!
  • Never go in a house or enter a car to get candy or treats. It could be haunted or worse.
  • Don’t be distracted by a cell phone, you could walk into a spider web.
  • Trick or Treating after 9:00 pm is not cool. Go home and divvy up your loot! Tomorrow is a school day!