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NC boy with failing heart returns home to find mailbox overflowing with Christmas cards

William Sidebottom has been getting about 500 Christmas cards each day since his mom asked to lift his spirits.

ASHEBORO, N.C. (WFMY) — William Sidebottom, a 9-year-old boy from Asheboro, is touching the hearts of people all over North Carolina and beyond.

His family returned home from a trip to Asheville on Thursday, and couldn't believe what they saw: dozens of packages at the door and a mailbox flooded with Christmas cards — all for William.

This could be William's last Christmas. Doctors say his donor-heart is failing after three years and haven't given him much time. William's mother, Jennifer Lowery, asked for people to send Christmas cards to cheer up her brave little boy.

The community delivered. Jennifer shared photos with WFMY of all the cards that are now starting to come in for William.

Darlene Williams, the USPS Postmaster for Asheboro, and mail carrier Diane Allred made a special delivery to William Friday afternoon.

"He’s getting about 500 cards a day, so he’s got a lot of reading to do, so he’s got to stick around for a while," said Williams. "I have never in my life here seen this much mail for one individual, and it’s just quite heartwarming and installs the Christmas spirit and you."

"I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff here, prayers and blessings, in all these cards that are going to him, and he’s probably going to get this much, like I said, every day," added Williams.