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Mom says daughter's avatar in Roblox game was sexually assaulted

A mother in North Carolina said she said her daughters avatar character get sexually assaulted while her 7 year old was playing the game.

RALEIGH, NC (WTHR) — A North Carolina mom is warning other parents about something disturbing that happened while her daughter was playing a game on her iPad.

Her daughter's virtual character was sexually assaulted.

Amber Petersen's 7-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, was playing Roblox.

"Immediately I see male private parts...exposed, and I just throw my book down, grab her screen out of her hand and shield her," Petersen told WRAL.

She then went on Facebook to share what she saw as a warning to other parents.

"At first, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My sweet and innocent daughter’s avatar was being VIOLENTLY GANG-RAPED ON A PLAYGROUND by two males. A female observer approached them and proceeded to jump on her body at the end of the act. Then the 3 characters ran away, leaving my daughter’s avatar laying on her face in the middle of the playground," she wrote in the post. "Words cannot describe the shock, disgust, and guilt that I am feeling right now, but I’m trying to put those feelings aside so I can get this warning out to others as soon as possible."

Roblox issued a statement to the Daily Mail about the incident:

‘We were outraged to learn that Roblox's community policies and Rules of Conduct were subverted. We have identified how this bad actor created the offending action and are putting additional safeguards in place to reduce the possibility of this happening again in the future."