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Maine fishermen snag unusual catch from the ocean

Maine is known for its hunters and fishermen, but what is a hunter's game doing in the boat of a fisherman out at sea?
Fisherman in Maine rescued a deer in the ocean. (Photo: Ren Dorr)

HARRINGTON, Maine (WCSH) — Oh dear, it's a deer.

Commercial fisherman Ren Dorr was about five miles off of Harrington when he brought in an animal from the sea that was definitely not part of his normal catch.

Dorr posted on his Facebook page that he and his crew found a small deer drifting further and further away from land.

They brought the deer onto the boat, spent a half hour sailing him closer to the land, dropped him off on the beach, then turned around and went back out to sea.

All in a day's work of a commercial fishing vessel in Maine.