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Group of men pitch in to help stranded woman fix her car

A group of Good Samaritans pitched in to help a stranded woman after her car broke down this week.
A group of men pitched in time and money to get a stranded woman's car running again. (Courtesy WRC)

WASHINGTON, DC (WRC) - A group of Good Samaritans helped a stranded woman after her car broke down this week.

Denise Mitchell was headed to Connecticut to visit family when her car starter died in Maryland on Wednesday, she told NBC affiliate WRC.

Mitchell was out of money and sleeping in her car when a group of day laborers noticed her and wanted to help.

"Growing up the right way, you're taught to help those who can't help themselves," said Adrian Baptiste, who was among the group who came up with $500 and called in a favor from a mechanic friend to fix the car.

"They gave me food; they gave me something to drink. I mean, these guys all pitched in to pay for this. I didn't have any money," Mitchell said. "These guys are special, oh my God. They'll be in my heart forever.

The men said they understood car troubles can happen to all of us.