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Georgia Cracker Barrel waitress receives $1,100 tip

A party of 11 made one waitress' day Wednesday morning.
(Photo: Tabitha Coley)

DUBLIN, Ga. (WMAZ) — Most servers dread having a large party walk into their restaurant, but one waitress in Georgia was in store for a surprising Christmas gift Wednesday.

General manager for the Dublin Cracker Barrel, Tabitha Coley, said a party of 11 came through their doors that morning and asked for their best server.

Coley said they gave them Janet Ballard, who's been with Cracker Barrel for about 12 years.

At the end of the meal, each person tipped Ballard $100, Coley said, with the total tip coming to $1,100.

She said Ballard said it was the biggest tip she's ever gotten.

Coley said Ballard is a great server and was very appreciative of the gesture.

What a great way to spread some Christmas cheer!