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Dog reunites with owner after tornado destroys house in Arkansas

These photos of a dog reuniting with its owner is everything. It's heartwarming and shows the small moments of recovery after a tornado touches down.
(Photo: Julie Moore)

LOGAN COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) — Recovering after a tornado is one of the hardest things a person can go through, but it's the small moments that matter most.

And that was the case for one owner who reunited with their dog after an EF2 tornado destroyed their home in Logan County, Arkansas.

Our Tegna affiliate KFSM shared Julie Moore's photo of the reunion on Facebook and it's both heartwarming and emotional.

The photos show a person hugging their dog in the doorway of a destroyed home. In one photo, the dog makes eye contact with the photographer and it's enough to bring you to tears.

Another photo shows the full extent of the damage to the house.

The roof is mostly destroyed, with the limbs of the structure hanging off the side. Walls are bent and debris is scattered across the yard.

For that owner and their dog, it's going to be a tough recovery... but thankfully, they have each other to find comfort in.