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Couple shares warning about toxic algae after dog dies less than hour after visit to lake

Pet owners in Georgia are devastated after their dog died unexpectedly.
Morgan Fleming said it was less than a hour after visiting a lake that her dog, Arya, died. (Morgan Fleming Facebook)

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (WTHR) — Pet owners in Georgia are devastated after their dog died unexpectedly.

According to the dog's owners, Morgan and Patrick Fleming, it was the first time taking their Border Collie, Arya, to Lake Allatoona, 11Alive reported.

"We took our sweet Arya to the lake and had the best day playing ball and swimming around! About 30 minutes later on the drive home, we noticed her making weird noises ..." she said in a Facebook post.

The couple rushed the dog to the vet, but according to the post, Arya was brain dead by the time they arrived.

The vet told Morgan that Arya "most likely" died from a lake toxin, like blue green algae. The algae is a type of bacteria found in freshwater lakes, streams and ponds. It gives water a blue-green appearance and is toxic for pets to swim in and drink.

"Today was absolutely awful. We lost our fun, loving, and crazy girl to what we can only assume was a lake toxin such as blue green algae. Arya, no dog will ever replace you in our hearts."

Indiana's Department of Environmental Management has been looking at blue green algae at several lakes across the state. Click here to see the places that IDEM has been taking samples.