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Bud Light sending Nationals fan who caught a ball to the gut to Game 6

Always save the beers.
(Photo: WUSA)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Always save the beers.

After Jeff Adams did just that during Game 5 of the World Series, he's going to Game 6 for free.

Adams made headlines Sunday when cameras caught him take a home run ball to the stomach because he had beers in both hands.

Bud Light got word of the video and took to Twitter to find out who the fan was.

"This man is a hero," the company tweeted Sunday. "Twitter please figure out who this guy is so we can reward him."

WUSA reporter Adam Longo got the job done, and Bud Light kept its word. Adams is going to Game 6, courtesy of Bud Light.

"We are in contact with our hero," Bud Light updated Monday. "He's wearing this beauty to Game 6."

"This beauty" refers to a T-shirt with a silhouette of Adams bearing a can of Bud Light in each hand, taking a baseball to the gut.

The Houston Astros lead the series 3-2. If the Astros win Tuesday night, they'll secure the team's second World Series win in three years.