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Bride accidentally sends text to stranger, gets gift to cover wedding costs

A bride thought she was sending a text of her wedding dress to her dad but instead got a wedding gift from a stranger.

WASHINGTON (WTHR) – We've all probably been there. You go to text a friend, and you end up sending your message to a stranger.

That's what happened to a woman in Washington state. Taya Kingsborough thought she was texting her dad a picture of her wedding dress.

"I had just gotten a brand new phone and I had asked my mom 'what's dad's number?' Because nobody remembers anybody's phone numbers any more. I don't remember," Kingsborough said. "So she had given me his number and I was entering it and I must have hit a 1 instead of the 2. And I was so excited and I was waiting for a reply. I'm like my dad usually replies faster than this by now. And then all of a sudden she was like, 'Oh you look so cute, you look so happy. But I think you may have texted the wrong number. Congratulations.'"

That's where it all took off. The stranger then asked Kingsborough for her Venmo account so that she could send her a wedding gift.

That stranger wasn't the only person who wanted to help.

It turns out the woman she texted posted all about it on social media, and she included the Venmo.

Kingsborough says she got money for her wedding all night long.

"I had five dollars the day before. Like I had nothing to contribute to my wedding," said Kingsborough. "Waking up that next day I was able to purchase my dress, decor. They made that possible."

Kingsborough wasn't on Twitter before, but she created an account to thank everyone who helped her out.