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Atlanta woman trying to escape abusive ex-boyfriend ends up dead

"If you don't arrest him, he's going to kill me," she said. A day later, he did.
Jerrell Berger

ATLANTA (WTHR) — An Atlanta woman is dead after trying to escape her abusive boyfriend.

Stephanie Riddle was desperate to get away from Jerrell Berger.

In July 2016, Riddle was physically assaulted by Berger, her boyfriend at the time, when she told him she wanted to break things off. Her reason for ending the relationship was because he had been physically abusive in the past.

In response, he ripped braids of hair from her scalp and struck her several times, WXIA reported.

Berger was arrested, but was released two days later after he paid the $200 bond fee.

After yet another confrontation, WXIA reported that Riddle told police, "If you don't arrest him, he is going to kill me."

She was right.

The following day Berger shot Riddle 6 times and killed her.

On Oct. 31, 2017, he pleaded guilty to several charges including murder. Berger was sentenced to 35 years in prison.