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Animal control rescues seven raccoons from single dumpster

A Cape Cod animal control department had to rescue seven adult raccoons they said were "fat and healthy."
Brewster Animal Control found seven raccoons living in a Cape Cod dumpster Jan. 28, 2020. (Courtesy Brewster Animal Control/Facebook)

BREWSTER, Mass. (WTHR) - Brewster Animal Control got a call about a raccoon stuck in a local dumpster earlier this week - which is a relatively normal occurrence in the Cape Cod community.

But what they found astounded them.

No less than SEVEN adult raccoons were living in the dumpster - "a record number we have not seen stuck in one dumpster before!" the department posted on its Facebook page.

The raccoons were "very fat and healthy."

Brewster Animal Control rescued and released the "magnificent seven" in the nearby woods and sent the reminder to residents and businesses to secure their dumpsters.