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Obama spends surprise Sunday in Indy

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Sen. Barack Obama is greeted by a minister at St. Luke's.

Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Senator Barack Obama made a surprise campaign stop in Indianapolis Sunday morning.

The Democratic presidential candidate started his day in church at St. Luke's United Methodist Church at 86th and Meridian, the same place where Republican Senator Richard Lugar worships when he's in town. He was greeted with a welcome and a round of applause.

The senator heard a sermon on trusting where God wants to lead you. With the state's primary just nine days away, the Obama campaign is trusting the senator's many visits to the Hoosier State will pay off on May 6th.

After shaking hands outside the church, Obama headed to the northeast side, grabbing lunch at the Country Kitchen on North College Avenue.

"I want to make sure we're reaching out to folks where they live and answering their questions and having as many interactions as possible," Obama said.

Outside the restaurant, the senator took questions from reporters who asked him if he planned to accept Senator Clinton's repeated invitations for a debate.

"I'm more than happy to consider something after Indiana and North Carolina, but at this point we don't have a lot of time," he said.

Back inside the Country Kitchen, along with the sweet potatoes and collard greens, a side of presidential politics was served steaming hot. Diners were excited by the surprise visit.

"He just walked in and brought a whole lot of enthusiasm with him," said Rev. Randall K. Sargent.

"To actually see him right there," said Christine Matten. "You're like, you start to shake like, 'Oh God!'"

"It was cool just to see him where we hang out, where we eat at," said Adonnis Sargent. "He's a real dude, I guess."

Voters at the restaurant said they realized it was going to be a tight race, but they'd be behind whichever Democrat wins the nomination.

"I would definitely support Hillary as well. I think she's a wonderful candidate, also," said Autumn Moore.

"I will support her and I think everyone else should come together and support her also," said Janice Sargent.

But for right now, no one in this Indiana crowd was undecided.

"This table, this table and this table," Janice Sargent said. "We are voting for Obama.

Senator Obama also told reporters he was moving his campaign to North Carolina Monday and Tuesday.

Clinton visits small towns

Bill Clinton was also back in Indiana today, speaking on behalf of his wife, Hillary.

The former president spoke to supporters in Hartford City, New Castle, Shelbyville and Martinsville, talking about the economic imbalance across America. He says his wife wants to bring all Americans together.

"We need to unite America across the lines of big cities, suburbs, small towns and rural America too.  We shouldn't leave anybody out," Clinton said.

"Nobody should be left behind, and there has been a disproportionate and adverse impact of this economy on people who live in small towns and rural areas, and Hillary wants to bring everybody forward together and I think that's fair and very appropriate," he added.

Tomorrow, Clinton will speak at a "Solutions For America" event at Carmel High School.

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