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Indianapolis Star passes on presidential endorsement

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Indianapolis - Indiana's largest newspaper has opted not to endorse a candidate for president in an election year that's seen the state become a presidential battleground state for the first time in decades.

Channel 13's newsgathering partners at The Indianapolis Star published an opinion piece today saying it was withholding an endorsement because its eight-member editorial board is evenly divided on whether to support Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. John McCain.

The Star says Obama and McCain carry "great strengths but also significant weaknesses" with them in their bids to become president.

The paper called Obama "eloquent and charismatic" but also said it had great concerns about his tax proposals, his liberal stand on social issues and what it called his lack of experience.

The Star said McCain has a "long and distinguished record of service to the nation" but said he's unlikely to provide a sharp enough break from the Bush administration's policies.

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