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Hoosier pie gets top honors at Statehouse

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Indianapolis - All kinds of major issues are yet to be decided at the Statehouse, with the budget, the economy and property taxes among them. But lawmakers are acting on something unrelated to those pressing issues Thursday.

After Thursday, sugar cream pie will become the official state pie.

An announcement was made in the Indiana House of Representatives declaring sugar cream pie as being renamed Hoosier Pie because it dates back to the Midwestern state's farm kitchens of the 1800's. The Senate is expected to act on the matter later Thursday.

Wick's Pies of Winchester, which has made the pies for 60 years, has shipped in pies for lawmakers, which brought this response from House minority leader Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis).

"It sends the wrong message to be acting on that matter now prior to the time that we have to deal with jobs, our budget and the tax caps. That's the speaker's timing. That was a resolution he wanted to move today. I know it's important locally and it's a great community employer. I'm not critical of that but I think it sends the wrong message being our first order of business here," Bosma said.

Wick's employs 75 and produces more than 10,000 pies and 30,000 pie shells in each eight-hour shift for restaurants, bakeries and grocers across 25 states. Each year, Wick's produces approximately 12 million pie shells and pies - with sugar cream being the best seller.

State Sen. Allen Paul (R-Richmond) was encouraged to offer Senate Concurrent Resolution 5 by students and faculty at Ball State University and members of the Indiana Foodways Alliance, a not-for-profit group that identifies, promotes and preserves authentic food culture. Proponents of Paul's resolution see foods as an opportunity for tourism and economic development.

- Kevin Rader

Read the pie resolution

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