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Candidates for Indiana governor face off in 2nd debate

Gov. Eric Holcomb, Democrat Dr. Woody Myers, and Libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater all participated.

INDIANAPOLIS — The candidates for Indiana governor faced off Tuesday night for the second and final time before Election Day.

Incumbent Republican Eric Holcomb, who is running for his second term in the governor's office, Democratic challenger Dr. Woody Myers and Libertarian Donald Rainwater debated a wide range of topics.

One of the questions, which were submitted by Indiana voters, asked about a COVID-19 vaccine and if Hoosiers should be required to get one when it's available.

Holcomb: "Well, it shouldn't be mandated, but it should be encouraged when it's safe. And it will have to go through the proper approval from the federal government."

Rainwater: "I am absolutely opposed to mandating vaccines, masks, business closures, the closure of churches in violation of the First Amendment, or any other government mandate that decides whether or not someone is put at risk."

Myers: "I am hopeful when a Biden/Harris administration takes office and we have a new CDC and FDA director, that one will be forthcoming. I know that they'll look at the research and they'll follow the recommendations of the manufacturers and carefully look at any restrictions."

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The candidates also answered a question about jobs and wages, specifically what they would do to bring better-paying jobs to all parts of the state.

Holcomb: "The key is for us to skill up Hoosiers. That's the importance of having Ivy Tech, that's the importance of having Vincennes University, that's the importance of having WorkOnes all over the state of Indiana, to connect with you."

Rainwater: "What we need to do is reinvigorate the small business community and the family farms in Indiana, to ensure that Hoosier jobs are created by Hoosier businesses and that those jobs are allowed to stay open, even in a crisis."

Myers: "We've got to do a lot more in education, we've got to do a lot more in economic development. We've got to bring a new breed of 21st century companies to the state of Indiana and not depend on the old approaches that just aren't working any more."

Here are some of the other topics the candidates touched upon, starting with their opening statements:

Marijuana legalization

Department of Child Services

Infant mortality

Congressional districts

Racial injustice

Rural broadband internet

Issues facing Hoosiers

Daylight Saving Time