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Woman creates stuffed animal zoo on her front lawn

Nancy Connor, 86, used her stimulus check to build a zoo and she's happy she did.
Credit: WJAR
Nancy Connor surveys her stuffed animal zoo.

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — A Rhode Island woman took a walk on the wild side by creating a "zoo" right in her front yard.

Nancy Connor, 86, decided the world needed some more fun.

"I went through World War II, which was tough," she told WJAR, "but it's nothing like what's happening now. Everything is so sad." 

Conner, who is handicapped and uses canes to walk, thought, " I can't go out there and do anything, but people love animals."

So she took her stimulus check and got on Amazon to order dozens of giant stuffed animals.

Now there are lions laying on her lawn and monkeys hanging around. A sign reads, "Welcome to the Zoo."

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Now her yard has become a local destination.

"Many, many they come every day," said Connor. "They come by, they walk and point, and the kids smile it's worth all the effort I've put into it because everybody looks happy that comes by."

Connor said she will take any stuffed animals people want to donate, and plans to keep her zoo up until the end of October.