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This year's most expensive Thanksgiving dinner costs more than $180K

It's much more than a dinner. You also get a shopping spree, iPhones, Super Bowl tickets and a cruise.

NEW YORK (WTHR) — The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City is known for its fine dining year-round, but it can be especially extravagant at Thanksgiving.

According to American Farm Bureau, the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 this year is $48.91. But Old Homestead Steakhouse is more than average. Its special Thanksgiving dinner comes in at a whopping $181,000 — more than 3,600 times the cost of the average.

Now, the dinner does feed 12 and comes with much more than fine food. The price also included new iPhones, a cruise and Super Bowl tickets, CNBC reported.

So what's all in the dinner?

  • Two 20-pound turkeys (free-range, of course) that are covered in $2,000 worth of gold flakes, and seasoned with imported saffron and other spices from the Middle East; gravy infused with a $3,650 bottle of Louis XIII cognac
  • Seafood bread stuffing — made with bread imported from the United Kingdom and champagne instead of water — stuffed with Alaskan King crab, Main lobsters, Otoro tuna and golden caviar
  • Candied sweet potatoes made with cinnamon from Sri Lanka, bacon from Spain-raised pigs, and white cheddar cheese imported from the U.K.
  • Butternut squash made with Indian spices, caramelized onions from Egypt and chunks of beef bacon from Japanese Wagyu
  • Cranberry sauce made from queen strawberries and dekopon oranges from Japan
  • White asparagus with a vinaigrette infused with 23-year-old reserve Pappy Van Winkle bourbon
  • Mixed berries with an orange sabayon sauce infused with Grand Marnier
  • Pumpkin, apple, coconut custard and pecan pies
  • Choice of Cristal or Dom Perignon champagne or Opus One of Silver Oak wine to drink

The cruise included in the package is a seven-day, $50,000 SeaDream Yacht Club Cruise for two. It also comes with a $20,000 Black Friday shopping spree, his and her iPhone 11 Pro Maxes, four Super Bowl LIV tickets and two tickets to a live taping of "The Voice."

The restuarant had three dinners available to reserve. Tuesday, one had been sold.