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Walmart pulls Nazi pillow from website

Walmart has pulled a decorative pillow, featuring what appears to be a postmark from Nazi Germany and Hitler stamp, from their website and suspended the third party seller offering the design.
(KSEE/NBC News) — A Fresno, California priest says he was shocked to find a swastika incorporated into the design of a decorative pillow ordered from Walmart.com.

Newman says once the pillow arrived he opened it and threw it on his couch. He didn't think anything of it, until a few days ago, when he was sitting on the couch with his wife and daughter, and he noticed the swastika images.

"I was shocked and than shocked moved into anger. I was like how can this happen, how can this be, how could this get through the Walmart buying channels," Newman said.

Walmart released the following statement:

"This pillow was listed by a third-party seller on our online marketplace and is in violation of our policy. We regularly scan our marketplace for these types of items, but, unfortunately, the offensive image wasn't visible on the pillow's photo and we were not aware of it until the customer reached out. We removed the item immediately and are reviewing the seller's assortment."

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