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Texas high school offering 'Adulting 101' class to teach basic life skills

The students learn basic skills such as how to make a good resume and tips on how to nail a job interview.
(Photo: KENS)

ROUND ROCK, Texas (WTHR) — Growing up and becoming an adult is sometimes hard and the Round Rock Independent School District is trying to help.

Round Rock ISD's Cedar Ridge High School is offering a class called "Adulting 101" to students. Those who take the class will learn a series of basic life skills that will come in handy once they graduate.

Here are some lessons the class will teach:

  • How to cook healthy food
  • Tips on making a good resume
  • Money management
  • How to nail an interview

"We're teaching them basic skills on how to survive. It's not really high-end culinary stuff, but just when they graduate they'll know how they're going to feed themselves," said Ralph Chavez, who is a chef teaching the students.

Shayla Partidge, who is a freshman at Cedar Ridge, said one of her favorite parts of the class is learning how to cook healthy meals.

"For people joining Adult 101, it can help them learn more so they can start eating healthier and have a more balanced diet," she said.

Debbie Chavez, who is a librarian at Cedar Ridge, said the school hopes to add basic automotive skills to the "Adulting 101" curriculum soon.