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School tries to meet high demand for training security dogs

High demand for trained K-9 security dogs and handlers is driving business at a school for both.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KNSV) – A dog's sense of smell is unparalleled. And harnessing a canine's ability can be a powerful tool.

Explosive and firearm detection dogs are in high demand.

Huzar is one K9 who has worked the streets. Today he's a training tool for handler Toby Hale - one of five graduates in Silver State K9's detection dog handler school.

Jen Wenk is also learning so she can take her two dogs through the certification process.

"We can work as a family to keep other family's safe," Wenk reasons.

Cameron Ford is Silver State’s director of training. "There is no other facility that has all of the things that we have here," he says.

Though he has an extensive military and law enforcement background, Ford says this is a career anyone can do, but it takes work, "It's always much easier to train the dogs then it is to train the humans."

Ford says demand is up, "TSA has mandated that all cargo must be screened by K9s. Currently there's not nearly enough certified dog handlers that exist to fulfill that contract need."

It's a growing field for explosive detecting dogs and firearm detecting dogs.

Enhanced security is also needed at casinos and events where potentially dangerous weapons can be brought in.