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Santa Claus can text from the North Pole | You can sign up for weekly messages

“Mrs. Claus and I have been getting better and better at texting. We can even send emojis and GIFs now!"
(Photo: SlickText)

The Christmas holiday is around the corner and Santa Claus is jumping on the technology trend, sending text messages to good boys and girls across the country.

Leading up to Christmas Day, you can sign up for text message updates to receive fun photos, jokes and surprises leading up to the 25th from the big man himself.

"I wanted to take people inside my process this year, show them how I prepare for my biggest night and spread Christmas cheer,” said Claus in a press release.

Starting Dec. 1, Santa will text approximately once every five days and then once a week leading up to Christmas. If you would like to receive his messages, you can sign up online at Santa Wants to Text You This Christmas.


SlickText is a short message service allowing you to quickly and easily send texts to a large group of people.