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65 NYPD officers face discipline over alleged misconduct at Black Lives Matter protests

More than half could face suspension or termination.
Credit: AP
A detail including the badge and shield of one of the newest members of the New York City police is seen during his graduation ceremony, Thursday, June 29, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

A civilian review board is recommending disciplinary action against 65 New York City police officers for alleged misconduct committed during Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board said in a press release that it had received more than 750 complaints about the behavior of officers. Of those, 313 complaints fell under the board's jurisdiction "covering over 480 identified members of service."

The board said its investigation was hindered, in part, due to difficulty identifying officers. It said identifying them was exacerbated by officers covering their names or shield, wearing protective equipment "that did not belong to them," not properly using body cameras and "incomplete and severely delayed paperwork."

Out of 127 "full investigations," the board said it substantiated 42 involving 91 allegations against 65 officers. Ranks of the 65 officers include rank-and-file officers, six sergeants, two lieutenants, four captains and one detective.

WNBC reports 37 of those could face an administrative trial and, if convicted, could be terminated, suspended or lose vacation time. Another 28 are being recommended to lose vacation time or take part in mandatory training.

Twenty-eight of the full investigations were found to be unsubstantiated while another 10 led to exonerations, the board said. Forty-three officers remain unidentified and four were unfounded.

There remains 103 open investigations while 42 fully investigated complaints must still be reviewed, the board said.

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