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NC hurricane survivor wins $200,000 playing lottery on a whim

Mark Hall looked at his lottery ticket again and that's when his head started to spin.
Mark Hall, Jr. wins $200,000 playing the All About The Bens scratch-off ticket. (Photo: North Carolina Education Lottery)

RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina man impacted by both Hurricane Matthew and Florence can now repair his home and go back to school after winning $200,000.

Mark Hall, Jr. of Rowland said, “I only play the lottery once in a blue moon.”

Hall said if he does play, it’s usually on a $1 scratch-off ticket. But he decided to spend a few more dollars, “Something told me to play higher, so I did.”

Hall bought a $5 All About The Bens scratch-off ticket. He couldn’t believe his luck.

“I wasn’t sure what I won at first,” Hall said. “I showed my dad and said, ‘I think I won $200’. He looked at the ticket and told me that I needed to look at it again. That’s when I saw the $200,000. My head started spinning. I was speechless.”

Hall is still living in the home that was damaged by both storms. But now he can make repairs and plan for his future.

“We still have repairs to do. I’ll use some of the money for that, but I also want to use the money to go to school. I wasn’t able to go after I graduated high school, but now I can. I do landscaping and electrical work right now, but after I go back to school, I could open my own business. This is going to open up a whole new world for me.”

After picking up his check worth $141,501 after taxes in Raleigh he said, “Thank you, Jesus!” He also said, “I feel so blessed right now. Thank you!”