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Mom says CPR to tune of 'Baby Shark' helped save boy's life

One mom remembered a trick after her friend's son fell into a pool: "Baby Shark" is the perfect rhythm to perform CPR.
(Source: Shutterstock.com/Boris Ryaposov)

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WTHR) — Stephanie Uecker, like many parents, have heard "Baby Shark" more than times than she can count.

"I hate that song," Uecker told WESH. "My kids play it all the time."

But luckily, her knowledge of that song helped to save a young life.

Uecker was at a pool party when 4-year-old Fletcher Moon fell in and nearly drowned. Fletcher's mom, Dilek, said her son had gotten out of the pool for pizza and slipped back in without anyone noticing.

When someone realized there was a kid in the pool, Uecker was there to save him.

"Everything I thought I would be able to do — I thought I would get that superhero strength — and I didn't have it," said Moon. "Stephanie did."

Uecker jumped into the pool, picked up Fletcher and pulled him out of the water. She remembered her CPR lessons and something else she had heard: "Baby Shark" has the perfect rhythm for CPR.

She sang it aloud as she did chest compressions, and hours later, it was clear Fletcher would be OK.

Now, Moon doesn't know how she can possibly thank her friend for saving her son, but she does want to encourage parents to get their kids in swimming lessons — something she didn't have a chance to do because of financial burdens.

"What I wouldn't give to go back and just spend that little bit of money to possibly have prevented this."