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Netflix making movie about grandmother who accidentally invited stranger to Thanksgiving

The text message invite from Wanda Dench to Jamal Hinton has led to a bond that has lasted six Thanksgivings. It will soon be a movie.

The story of the Arizona woman who mistakenly invited a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner five years ago only for it to become an annual tradition is going to be turned into a movie.

Netflix is producing "The Thanksgiving Text." It's the story of how Wanda Dench was trying to text her grandson to see if he would be coming over for Thanksgiving dinner in 2016. But she texted the wrong number and got 17-year-old Jamal Hinton instead. 

Even after the two realized it was a wrong number, Hinton asked if he could still come and Dench said yes.

Hinton has now attended the last six Thanksgiving dinners at Dench's home.

"It’s amazing, I mean it’s fun and each year it gets more fun," Dench said this year of the tradition they're carrying on.

And it's become more than just a Thanksgiving tradition.

"She's saved in my phone as grandma Wanda," Hinton said.

Hinton tweeted about the Netflix news Thursday.

"I am very excited to announce our new partnership with Netflix," Hinton wrote. "We thank every single one of you for your love and support in our journey the last 6 years. We can’t wait to tell our story on the big screen!"

"Can't wait to see this story brought to life!" Netflix replied, which is an unusual statement since it would be movie based on a real life story.

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