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Maine state trooper rescues stunned owl

Trooper Sam Tlumac discovered a stunned owl in the middle of the road in the dark and rescued it.
(Photo: Maine State Police)

MANCHESTER, Maine (WTHR) – A Maine state trooper came to the rescue of a stunned owl.

Trooper Sam Tlumac stumbled upon the owl sitting in the middle of the road in the dark.

Tlumac decided to give the owl a ride to the Manchester Fire Department to make sure it was OK.

He also consulted with a warden, who suggested that the bird may have been stunned by a car. He advised Tlumac to check the wings, and wait to see if it recovered.

Tlumac dropped off the owl while he went to take care of other police duties, and when he returned to check on the owl it seemed remarkably better. Tlumac took the owl outside and it promptly flew into some nearby trees.

While it was a tough night for the owl, it was a hoot for Trooper Tlumac.