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Cancer charity given counterfeit money at fundraising event

The Community Cancer Association said counterfeit money was used to buy items at its "Helping Hands Social Hour" fundraising event.
(NBC News file photo)

WACO, Texas (KIII) — A cancer charity was given counterfeit money during a fundraising event at the Baylor Club in Texas earlier this week.

The Community Cancer Association said the fake money was used to buy items from its "Helping Hands Social Hour" event.

The event organizers did not realize what had happened until the bank notified them that some of the funds they tried to deposit were counterfeit.

The Community Cancer Association raises money to help with the financial burden cancer patients face.

"Our hearts are broken to feel the impact of someone taking advantage of an organization like ours, an organization with a passion and goal to help those fighting the most awful disease," the association wrote on Facebook.