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Boy reported for unlicensed hot dog stand gets help

Boy reported for unlicensed hot dog stand gets help

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A 13-year-old entrepreneur who was reported for operating a hot dog stand outside his house without a license is now getting help from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that the agency received a complaint about Jaequan Faulkner's stand this summer. But instead of shutting down the operation, the agency decided to help.

Daniel Huff is the environmental health director for the department. He says his agency was excited to help a young man with such drive and that health inspectors even pitched in for the $87 permit.

Jaequan says he's overwhelmed by the support. He started the hotdog stand with help from his uncle, who says Jaequan handles 90 percent of the business.

Jaequan says he's thinking about donating some of earnings to charities that help people with depression.

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