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'Baby Shark' is now YouTube's most viewed video ever

"Baby Shark" is now number one on YouTube.
Credit: AP
In this Oct. 25, 2019, photo, Pinkfong and Baby Shark visit Washington, D.C.

Whether or not you're tired of hearing the song over and over again, "Baby Shark" has swam way past the competition on YouTube, becoming the site's most viewed video ever.  

The song and video from South Korean educational company Pinkfong has now reached more than 7.04 billion views on YouTube. 

The video, originally uploaded in June 2016, skyrocketed to global fame, breaking the Billboard Top 100 in 2019 and had been remade into several different themes like one version encouraging children to wash their hands. 

The video which previously held the record for most views on YouTube was the 2017 single "Despacito," by Puerto Rican pop stars Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which is just short of 7.04 billion views. 

"Baby Shark" also became an anthem for the Washington Nationals' 2019 World Series win after Gerardo Parra started using it as his walk-up song.  The song choice was a request from his kids and the entire Nationals team joined in on the Baby Shark craze for the 2019 season. When a player hit a single, they turned to their teammates and did the baby shark motion; for a double, it was mommy shark motion and a triple or home run elicited full on daddy shark mode.

According to media and marketing agency Hurrdat, YouTube counts views based on specific criteria. The video platform tallies a view on a video when a user "watches a complete video ad between 11 and 30 seconds long." A YouTube user also has to watch at least 30 seconds of a longer video. 

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