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Superintendent gives students unique snow day assignment

Mt. Vernon Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Jack Parker gave students a unique assignment on Wednesday.
Credit: WTHR

Mt. Vernon Community Schools gave students a unique assignment on Wednesday….go outside and play in the snow!  

In a letter sent to parents, Superintendent Dr. Jack Parker said in-person learning activities were canceled and all students and staff will experience virtual learning from their homes.  Dr. Parker said students did have one new assignment for Wednesday.

“Students will use the scientific process in planning appropriate clothing to remain warm and dry while spending time outside. Once this hypothesis has been identified, and appropriate attire has been secured, students will be expected to test their theory by going outdoors and playing in the snow.

Step two of this assignment will be to practice the skills of estimation and measurement when throwing snowballs at one another while maintaining a minimum of 6’ of distance with others outside of their household. When being hit with said snowball, students are expected to practice their social skills and to use their good words.

Extra credit can be earned by helping to shovel sidewalks and/or driveways,” Dr. Parker said.

Parker encouraged students to self-report their grades to their teachers tomorrow during a regular virtual-learning day.