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Zoo'Opolis reopens to the public

Zoo'Opolis in Nashville has 100 animals and 40 different species.

NASHVILLE, Ind. — The COVID-19 virus has taken a toll on everyone and every place in one way or another. 

Zoo'Opolis in Nashville closed down for about four months but it's open now.

"I got the best selfie with those guys earlier," Sheena Nicholson said.

She brought Alison and Andrew so they could experience it firsthand.

"This is Mr T. He will get about 200 pounds," one of the handlers announced.

They have 100 animals and 40 different species. The lemur is probably the most popular. It doesn't take long to see why.

"We have an alpaca who loves to give kisses. We almost set up a kissing booth because she gives everybody kisses," Angie Gaskin, who works at Zoo'Opolis, said. 

We asked the Nicholsons what they liked. Alison liked the turtle.

"It's shell feels so weird, and it's faster than I thought. I did not know they were so fast," Alison said. Her mom agreed and said, "We thought the Wallabee from a distance was a kangaroo."

You have to make an appointment, and there are three levels to experience.

"My favorite part was the donkey. They have the best personality. They were nibbling on my cheek and blowing in my hair," Sheena Nicholson said. "I have the best pictures of the alpaca kissing me on the cheek. It was great. A great experience."

When you're done outside, you really aren't done. You can go inside too.

"What is that? Another skunk," a guest asked. "Actually, she is an apricot skunk," the handler replied. A de-scented skunk, I should add.

King Julian is here and a little baby lemur complete with diaper.

Then, there is the Timberwolf and the fox, who like to play out back.

Instead of buying an animal, just come here, right?

 "Exactly. Get their picture taken, get their fur baby fix and send them home. No cleanup," Gaskin said.

Zoo'Opolis is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To reserve your adventure, visit their website here

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