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World’s largest bounce house bounces into Indy

As the sign on the shoe tent says, take your sneakers off and the party is on.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The fun is inflated this weekend and next as the Big Bounce America tour stops at Waterman's Family Farm just inside I-465 on the eastside at 7010 East Raymond Street.

As the sign on the shoe tent says, take your sneakers off and the party is on.

You must wear socks and bringing an extra pair you can put on to bounce or wear home is recommended.

Families with toddlers enjoyed the first bounces Friday afternoon inside the world's largest bounce house.

"It's in the Guinness Book of World Records,” said Manny Osoria, the Big Bounce America tour manager. “It's unbelievable. It's over 10,000 square feet."

Inside the monstrous inflatable castle, a two-year-old boy named Lexington bounced over and over again with his dad picking him up each time he fell gleefully to the canvas. His parents give the Big Bounce a big thumbs up for families.

"It's a lot of fun,” said Lexington’s mother, Breann. “They should definitely come - a lot of things for the kiddos to do."

Three-hour sessions are divided by age groups: toddler, junior, bigger kids and adults only sessions. Price start at $16 for toddlers up to $30 for adults. Check out the schedule availability and prices.

"We have everything from toddlers to very, very grown adults that come in here,” said Osoria. “Believe it or not, the adults are the ones that seem to get a little more out of control than the kids."

Like the big air slide and Karl the Kraken, which is a huge ball pit.

The Giant is most challenging.

It’s a 900 foot inflatable obstacle course with more than 50 obstacles.

"If you're not in shape, you're definitely going to have to catch your breath on this one a couple times,” said Osoria.

Montrice Young brought her son Logan last year, the first time the Big Bounce came to Indianapolis for just one weekend.

Young definitely wanted to return, with two weekends to choose from this year. "I just let him run around,” said Young. “He gets really tired at the end. I love it. It's a great experience."

Bounce in before the Big Bounce bounces out of town.