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Woman says officer violated her rights, handcuffing her after helping police

A mother doing a favor for a police officer at a crime scene is outraged. She ended up in handcuffs at the hands of another officer who she says went too far.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A mother doing a favor for a police officer at a crime scene is outraged. She ended up in handcuffs at the hands of another officer who she says went too far.

The police officer's boss is not too happy about this incident either. The unfortunate situation couldn't come at a worse time for metro police.

Police Chief Bryan Roach has been out and about in high crime neighborhoods in the Indianapolis community trying to build relationships.

The video of an officer handcuffing Demetria Brown has been viewed by hundreds on Facebook with more and more views by the hour.

Brown believes the officer violated her rights as she did a favor for another officer on the scene.

“The cop said, Maam do you have a phone? I said yes. He said could you record for me. I said okay," said Brown. "I got his name and everything. I am recording it. I am standing there recording it. I got the whole footage."

In the video, you can clearly see Brown away from the scene and behind the police tape. The scene involved a violent car crash and an injured suspect. (Warning: The video has graphic language.)

The heavy police presence got the attention of Brown and her family who decided to stop.

Brown told Eyewitness News the video shows an aggressive officer clearly overstepping his bounds.

“Another cop came up and said you need to stop recording. I guess they didn't want me to record. I guess something they did but I didn't even know they had did nothing,” said Brown.

Brown is on video trying to explain to the officer why she started recording in the first place.

Eventually, you can see the officer lock her fingers in a handgrip in order to force her arms behind her back.

The video shows the woman screaming for help. You can also hear her daughter screaming to other officers about what’s happening.

Brown gets into a debate about the recording and she again tries to explain an officer asked her to use her cell phone to record the crime scene. But the officer confronting her refuses to believe her.

“So, I said sir, this cop wants me to record he is going to need this footage, No I said You stop now! He threw me to the ground, had me begging. I said somebody please come help me on video. I am begging, my daughter is recording too,” said Brown.

A second person also recorded the same officer being told to remove the handcuffs. That same officers argued with the orders to free Brown and kept referring to them not locating a gun at the crime scene.

The alleged gun had nothing to do with Brown so she wants to know why the officer felt the need to detain her.

You can see in the video that the officer reluctantly released Brown.

But by that time Brown says the damage had already been done. She also told Eyewitness News that during the handcuffing the officer allegedly injured her arm.

“My arm, it hurts you can see the damages in there," said Brown. "I don't understand because if you want help from the public and you want us to do things for you? why turn against us."

Chief Roach spent part of Wednesday in Haughville as part of his reoccurring public safety walks.

Prior to the walk, Eyewitness News brought the video to the attention of the police chief and his staff.

They were able to view only part of the incident, so for now there is no hard end conclusion. But much of the video is cut and dry about what happened during the encounter.

IMPD has promised the community transparency while asking people to speak up, help with reporting suspicious activity and supporting officers on their beats by saying something when they see something.

“That is the most troubling part of this incident," said Roach. "You have an officer who seem to get it and understand yes we want that videotaped because we are dealing with something we don't want to deal with and we are doing it professionally and then you have another officer according to her takes a totally opposite stance."

Chief Roach has asked Internal Affairs to investigate the incident. But the chief stressed his officers have been taught that people have the right use their cell phones to record at scenes as long as they don’t impede the investigation.

Still, Demetria Brown wants to know why the officer believed he had the right to handcuff her.