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What's next for Walmart employees after fire

Walmart said it would pay employees for 40 hours, plus overtime this week.

PLAINFIELD, Ind. — Ilene Stevenson couldn't believe her eyes. She's worked at the Walmart Fulfillment Center for nearly five years. Then Wednesday's massive fire broke out, destroying the facility.

Although Walmart said it will pay employees for 40 hours, plus overtime, and place them at nearby stores and warehouses, Stevenson told 13News it's the uncertainty of it all that makes her uneasy.

"I don't know what's really next. I really don't. They're going to pay us for a minute but I want to know what's down the road," Stevenson said.

No matter what lies ahead, Stevenson is thankful

"I'm blessed and I'm grateful," Stevenson said. "I'm grateful no one was hurt in there and they got everyone out. That's God."

Both Stevenson and Walmart executives thanked first responders for their quick response and associates who took emergency drills seriously.  

"When that alarm goes off, they want us out. We go out and then they count us and the managers to make sure everyone is out," Stevenson said. "Then you have to scan your badge when you come back in. They are on it with that.

As Stevenson drove by the building one last time, she said it’s hard not to look back.

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"I'm going to miss my co-workers. I really am. I hope to see them soon at other facilities, wherever they put us," Stevenson said.

The Walmart Fulfillment Center supplies online orders. A Walmart spokesperson said they do not see the fire impacting supplies in stores. They don't have any information yet on any impact to online customers.

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