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WATCH: Herron senior creates moving video tribute to birth mom

Thulani T. Smith was thinking about his birth mom on this recent Mother's Day. He's never met her and doesn't know where she is.

If you are a parent who has ever questioned how valuable you can be in your child's life, you should see this video.

It's a Mother's Day video card put together by an 18-year-old Herron High School senior, for a mother who may never see it.

Mother’s Day can be an emotional day, especially if you are creating a Mother’s Day video card to a mother you have never met.  A mother who put you up for adoption as a newborn infant and then returned to Africa, possibly 8,400 miles away in Zimbabwe..

"Dear Mom, on a day like this, I am sure you think of me. I certainly think of you," Thulani Smith says on his video.

The video encompasses the last 18 years of his life that he's lived without her.

"The father you chose for me, the brother who came into my life four years later and I are an unusual family. We made the best of everything that we have but I do miss you.  Even though I don't know you, I think of you a lot," Thulani goes on to say in the video.

"She was with me for eight days after I was born and then went back to Zimbabwe," Thulani Smith said after completing a full day of AP testing at Herron High School Thursday.

"She spent three months with us, gave birth to him and asked me to take him, so I did," Thulani's father, Rod Smith, added.

"The last connection I had to her was when I was eight years old and I had a call with her," the High School Senior explained to us during our late afternoon interview.

"It was a tough call in a way that was like she was happy for me but she was sad we couldn't be together," he remembered.

Thulani's video card already has amassed over 8,000 views online.  He tells her about his elementary school, church, Herron High School, from which he is about to graduate, and about being able to travel the world, his "pretty sweet car," as he refers to it,  that always awaits him at the curb and his intentions to study video media production at Butler University in the fall.

"I was moved to tears, of course.  I was captivated by it because it is so beautiful. So positive," Rod Smith shared.

It took a day to put together what took a lifetime to accumulate.

"It was a selfless act, you know, rather than 'I will do the best I can with him in Zimbabwe,'" Thulani rationalizes when he explained his mother's decision to put him up for adoption.

"You made a good choice. Sincerely, your son Thulani," the video concludes.

Click here to watch or click the video below.

Thulani produced the video on Mother's Day and used clips from his trips around the world, as well as shots composed for the new video.

This story will be updated. Watch Kevin Rader's report at 6pm on WTHR.