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Volunteers building five homes in five days

Hundreds of volunteers are on a house building blitz to construct five homes in five days.
Volunteers are building five homes in Indianapolis in five days.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Hundreds of volunteers are on a house building blitz to construct five homes in five days. On Day 1, the walls are already up on all of the homes.

The sweat that dripped from Margaret McKeller's face is actually earning her family a new home. She and her husband are praying the 300-plus volunteers will help them meet the five-day completion goal.

"They're going to do it," McKeller said. "Because everyone has different skills. We have met them, contractors, electrical, plumbers, engineers."

Early Monday morning, the volunteers including many from out of state converged on the five different lots. By noon, the pre-fabricated exterior walls had gone up.

Habitat for Humanity co-founder Linda Fuller traveled from Georgia to help. She calls it an act of love.

"This is to show God's love for people that needed a good house, we started what we call partnership housing. Partnership with people, partnership with God," Fuller said.

Even after her husband passed away, Fuller continued to work with helping build homes for families across the nation. The couple even walked 700 miles from Americus, Georgia to Indiana to help draw attention to Habitat for Humanity, sparking a nationwide campaign which eventually went worldwide.

The homes are going up in a neighborhood already challenged with boarded and abandoned houses. Video from DroneCam 13 shows the houses appearing to be on schedule.

That's music to the ears of J.R. and Tia Morris another family granted a new address.

"God is a God of many chances," said Tia Morris. "This is a another chance that he has given us to have a new start to be homeowners. I will be the first home owner in our family."

"I am amazed at the people who are helping us do this," said J.R. Morris. "Just to look around and see people from all walks of life is amazing to me."

After the five days, houses will be mostly done, but organizers say they will need more volunteers to help finish the work.